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Kibets Nataliia Yuriivna

General, surgical dentistry, cosmetology

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Orthodontics, pediatric dentistry

Buslo Andrii Mykolayovych

Surgical, prosthetic dentistry, periodontics



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Сlassical implantation

Classical dental implantatıon ıs the most reliable, proven and traditional method of implantation which has been used in dentistry...


Unfortunately, not all people have smooth and beautiful teeth. The roughness of teeth can be caused as a result...

Patients about us

Lip augmentation

Good afternoon!

I got tired of  permanent lips coloring, stains and smudges of lipstick. I decided to take advantage of the newest methods of cosmetology – lip augmentation. I read a lot of information, as to be  aware  is to be forearmed,  and addressed to the dental clinic Mint in  Kremenchuk that is located in the city center.

Highly qualified doctor Natalia Kibets told me about the procedure and the method of its implementation. Lip augmentation was accomplished with hyaluronic acid, since it is the closest to the human body drug in its composition.  I am very pleased with the result of the procedure, lips became plump and attractive, swelling went down after a few hours, and the result was recognizable a day later. I advise all women who want to have sexy lips choose only dental office Mint in Kremenchuk and its experts because your health depends on it. Thank you!

Teeth restoration

Restoration of teeth for a week  it is real and without any problems. I was leveled the shape and changed the incline of some teeth.  No longer I am ashamed to smile. After the this procedure  my  gums have  completely healthy appearance, without any inflammation and bleeding. I am from Kyiv, I learned about the clinic from my  friends and I did not regret that I had to rent an apartment for several daysand visit doctor. I was very pleased with price and quality. Now I have become a  permanent client of professionals of dental clinic Mint.

Teeth Whitening

Good afternoon!

I want to share with you that all  dreams can come true! My dream has come true. Thanks to the professionals of dental clinic Mint who restored the whiteness of my teeth. Thanks to their experience and professionalism, I can smile snow-white and beautiful smile, without fear that behind me will be unkind remarks. Let everyone now envy! My advice do not save on your health and choose only professionals!  Dental Clinic Mint  is a team of experts.

Dental implants

I hasten to share my joy – a tooth “appeared” in my mouth after 40 years of absence. And it was so. My neighbor showed me the tooth in her mouth,which was made  by Natalia Kibets. I could not understand, which of them was not her  native one. It was beautiful. And when she said that a hole was there for five years, I did not believe it. I went for consultation, took X-ray image. I was assigned a day of the surgery. I was very much afraid, but to my surprise,Idid not even have to drink analgesic! Ten days later stitches were removed from the gums, I felt nothing, waited for 3 months and now it is my long-awaited tooth is already in my mouth and it chews. It was not  there for  40 years. In my youth it was removed. Adjacent  teeth began to disperse, but I did not want to spoil them with the bridge. I advise you not to wait and do not fear. I wish you health!


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